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Everett & Boetticher, P.C. CPA's



Professional Fees & Dues
Supplies & Expenses
Association Dues   Briefcase  
Credentials   Business Meals (enter 100% of expenses)  
License   Business Cards  
Professional Associations   Clerical Service  
Union Dues   Computer Software  
Other:________________________   Computer Supplies  
Continuing Education
  Customer Lists  
Correspondence Course Fees   Entertainment (enter 100% of expense)  
Course Registration   Equipment Repair  
Lab Fees   FAX Supplies  
Materials & Supplies   Gifts & Greeting Cards  
Photocopy Expense   On-Line Charges  
Reference Material   Legal & Professional Services  
Research Expenses   Office Expenses  
Seminar Fees   Photocopy Expenses  
Textbooks   Postage  
Other:___________________________   Shipping  
Telephone Expenses
FAX Transmissions   Technical Publications  
Paging Service   Other:_____________________________  
Toll, Cellular, and Pay Calls  
Equipment Purchases
Other:___________________________   Cellular Phone  
Auto Travel (In miles)
  FAX Machine, Calculator, and Copier  
Between Jobs or Locations   Pager, Recorder, and Phone  
Client Meetings   Computers and Printers  
Continuing Education   Modems and Computer Peripherals  
Job Seeking   Other:_____________________________  
Out of Town Business Trips  
Travel - Out of Town
Purchasing Job Supplies & Materials   Airfare  
Professional Society Meetings   Car Rental, Taxi, Bus, Train, and Subway  
Parking Fees and Tolls ($)   Parking and Tolls  
Other:___________________________   Lodging (do not combine with meals)  
Miscellaneous Expenses
  Meals (do not combine with lodging)  
Liability Insurance - Business   Porter, Bell Captain, and Laundry  
Subscriptions   Telephone Calls (including home)  
Resume`   Other:___________________________  


755 S. Telshor Blvd., Suite 201Q
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011
(505) 522-2244
(505) 522-8049 fax