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Everett & Boetticher, P.C. CPA's



Professional Fees & Dues
Equipment & Repairs
Association Dues   Answering Machine  
House Dues   Batteries  
Union Dues   Beeper  
Other:___________________________   Binoculars and Briefcase  
Uniforms & Upkeep
  Computer and Printer  
Alterations   Flashlight  
Cleaning   Key Strap and ID Case  
Emblems   Map and Note Book  
Gloves and Hat   Pager and Recorder  
Helmet and Whistle   Polish  
Jacket & Boots   Repairs - Equipment  
Laundry   Safety Equipment  
Pants and Shirts   Safety Glasses  
Repairs   Tapes - Recording  
Shoes and Ties   Other:_____________________________  
Auto Travel (In miles)
Telephone Expenses
  Between 1st & 2nd Job  
Paging Service   Between Stations  
Pay Phone & Toll Calls   Continuing Education  
On-Line Services   Out of Town Business Trips  
Cellular Calls   Purchasing Equipment & Supplies  
Other:___________________________   Uniform Cleaning & Maintenance  
Continuing Education
  Parking Fees ($)  
Correspondence Course Fees   Tolls ($)  
Materials & Supplies   Other:_____________________________  
Travel - Out of Town
Seminar Fees   Airfare  
Text Books and Supplies   Car Rental  
Training Sessions   Parking  
Other:___________________________   Bus, Taxi, Train, & Subway  
  Lodging (do not combine with meals)  
Errors and Omissions Insurance   Meals (do not combine with lodging)  
Legal (protection and production of taxable income)   Porter, Bell Captain and Laundry  
Liability Insurance   Telephone Calls (including home)  
Other:___________________________   Other:_____________________________  


755 S. Telshor Blvd., Suite 201Q
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011
(505) 522-2244
(505) 522-8049 fax