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Everett & Boetticher, P.C. CPA's



Auto Travel (In miles)
Supplies & Expenses
Client Meetings   Advertising, Signs, Flags & Banners  
Continuing Education   On-Line Service Costs  
Escrow & Loan Office Trips   Attorney & Appraisal Fees  
Out of Town Business Trips   Bank Charges  
Showing Property   Briefcase  
Parking Fees ($)   Business Meals (enter 100%)  
Tolls ($)   Equipment Repair  
Other:_____________________________   FAX Supplies  
Travel - Out of Town
  Film & Processing  
Airfare   Finders Fees  
Car Rental   Gifts, Flowers, & Greeting Cards  
Parking   Insurance - E. & O. and Liability  
Bus, Subway, Train, & Taxi   Legal & Professional Services  
Lodging (do not combine with meals)   Lock Boxes, Keys & Locksmith  
Meals (do not combine with lodging)   Map Book  
Porter, Bell Captain   Multiple Listing Service  
Laundry   Office Expenses  
Bridge & Highway Tolls   Open House Expenses  
Telephone Calls (including home)   Photocopy Expenses  
Other:_____________________________   Postage & Shipping  
Professional Fees & Dues
  Referral Fees  
Association Dues   Rent  
Chamber of Commerce   Repairs to Sell Listed Property  
License Fees   Stationery  
Realty Board   Other:____________________________  
Equipment Purchases
Telephone Expenses
  Answering Machine  
FAX Transmissions   Calculator  
Paging Service   Camera  
Pay Phone & Toll Calls   Computer Equipment  
Cellular Service   Copy Machine  
Other:_____________________________   FAX Machine  
Continuing Education
Correspondence Course Fees   Recorder  
Materials, Supplies & Textbooks   Telephone  
Seminars & Motivational Tapes   Modems and Computer Peripherals  
Other:_____________________________   Other:____________________________  


755 S. Telshor Blvd., Suite 201Q
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011
(505) 522-2244
(505) 522-8049 fax