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Everett & Boetticher, P.C. CPA's



Professional Fees & Dues
Equipment & Repairs
Licenses   Electric Drills  
Association Dues   Electric & Manual Saws  
Union Dues   Hammers  
Other:___________________________   Tool Boxes  
Materials & Supplies
Wood & Building Materials   Flashlight  
Piping & Plumbing Material   Welders  
Paint & Associated Material   Pipe Cutters  
Work Permits   Brushes  
All Building Supplies   Spray Painters  
All Plumbing Supplies   Repairs - Equipment  
All Painting Supplies   Safety Equipment & Glasses  
Screws and Nails   Power & Hand Tools  
Work Boots & Clothing   Computer and Printer  
Sub-Contract Labor   Other:_____________________________  
Auto & Truck Use (In miles)
Telephone Expenses
  Between 1st & 2nd Job  
Paging Service   Between Work Sights  
Pay Phone & Toll Calls   Mileage to Continuing Education  
On-Line Services   Out of Town Work Trips  
Cellular Calls   Purchasing Equipment & Supplies  
Other:___________________________   Parking Fees & Tolls($)  
Continuing Education
  Personal Miles on Work Vehicle  
Correspondence Course Fees   Cost of Vehicle  
Correspondence Courses   Other:_____________________________  
Travel - Out of Town
Seminar Fees   Airfare  
Text Books and Supplies   Car Rental  
Training Sessions of Suppliers   Parking  
Other:___________________________   Bus, Taxi, Train, & Subway  
  Lodging (do not combine with meals)  
Workers Comp. Insurance   Meals (do not combine with lodging)  
Legal & Accounting Fees   Hotel Tips  
Advertising   Cleaning and Laundry  
Liability Insurance   Telephone Calls (including home)  
Other:___________________________   Other:_____________________________  


755 S. Telshor Blvd., Suite 201Q
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011
(505) 522-2244
(505) 522-8049 fax